I feel at least 100X better…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you about a conversation I had with my coach, where she asked me, “When are you going to stop treating your body like a rental car?

It was a wake-up call for me when she asked the question several years ago, and yet, in my email a month ago, I told you about how I had fallen back into bad habits. How the change I had made fell victim to ‘Rona’s ravages. 

I took my advice

I got started with a trainer over Zoom this week, and it was remarkable how much better I felt right away. 

  • I had noticeably more energy. 
  • My outlook was significantly more positive. 
  • I was kinder to my family and had more focus for my clients. 

It got me thinking if just one training session can make this big a difference in my health, attitude, and energy I have to make this stick! 

I’ve told myself a million times that I need to make my health, and specifically exercise, a priority. But I’ve also failed over and over. Before I even start any new exercise program, I have a list of 100 reasons why this is never going to work. So why should I even try? 

This time it’s different

Maybe I’m just sick of ‘Rona’s ravages, but this time I didn’t fall for that trap. I didn’t let those excuses or self-defeating thoughts stick to me. 

Instead, I remembered that I am a creative and powerful human who can make changes in my life and my world. If I am going to get some workouts in that means that something else needs to change or move — and I decided right then and there, what that’s going to be? If I’m going to keep working with a trainer I’m going to have to pay for that — I started doing the math right away, where’s the money coming from? 

As quickly as the obstacles came up, I was knocking them down. (Maybe I was still full of endorphins after the workout.)

What I saw is that if I wanted to make a change, that I couldn’t keep everything the same. That if I wanted to make a change, I needed to actually do different things!

What have you wanted to change? What have you wanted to start? 

You too are a creative and powerful human who can answer all those doubts and find solutions to problems that vexed you in the past. If you want it badly enough — you will do it. 

Do you feel stuck in a pattern that you can’t get out of? Is there something you want to start or change, but your doubts and self-sabotage is holding you back? Hit reply and tell me about it — I’d love to brainstorm with you to find that creative option to get things going. 

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