Whee! Reader ideas for enjoying the roller coaster ride.

I have gotten a number of replies to my email about Riding the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship. Clearly it hit a nerve with some of you!

I wanted to share some of the things that helped to make the roller coaster less taxing. Here’s a few (edited for length):

  • “I’m learning more and more to ask for help so that I don’t get stuck.”
  • “One huge shift came after I’d put an accounting system in place. I’d just been winging it with cash for more than 15 years, which meant I had this constant stress about money. But when I actually created a system I could stick to, everything changed.”
  • “You’ve got me thinking about what kind of routines I have to get my head in the right space and make sure I’m spending the right energy on the right things. And I’ve got a few which center on removing distractions, enabling focus, good nutrition, and exercise.”
  • “I’m regularly struck by how lonely it can be to run my own business. There are many events that I can’t talk to my staff about. And let’s not even go to the third rail of spouse! It was in a CEO roundtable group years ago that I first encountered peers I could openly discuss these kinds of matters. Sometimes seeking advice; sometimes just to vent. I can’t imagine wearing the CEO hat without the support of a group like these and the ones you run.” [Link added by me ;-)]

What would you add to this list?

What kind of coping skills are helping you to ride the wave of 2020? Hit reply and let me know.

I’ll share the best ones with the list next week.

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