I’m currently forming a new Mastermind Group. 

Last week I wrote to you about the challenges I was having. I got several nice notes back from you, encouraging me. I appreciate that! My attitude lifted seeing your notes and reading your replies.

This week I’ve been talking with more business owners who are facing similar challenges. With all the change and stress 2020 has brought, our resilience is dwindling, it’s hard to make a plan, to start something new.

But Labor Day is passed, school is back in session, and it’s time to get serious about closing out 2020 on a positive note.

Sure, this has been a chaotic year, full of challenges and uncertainties. AND:

  • Your clients are still putting their 2021 budgets together
  • They still need help with your services
  • You still need new business to keep your business going!
  • Your team is looking to you to set the tone.

The time is now to set yourself up for a better 2021.

One of my mentors used to say, “If nothing changes, then nothing changes.”

Let’s put the chaos of 2020 behind us and make the next 100 days a time of focus and productivity!

I’m looking for five business owners who:

  • Are looking to close out 2020 strong and set themselves up for substantial growth in 2021.
  • Are willing to listen, learn, and participate in a community.
  • Can dedicate at least 3 hours per week to working on their business.
  • Have enough cash in the bank to invest in making themselves and their business better going forward.

If that’s you, hit reply and let me know. I’ll reach out and schedule a call where I can learn more about your business and your goals to see if there’s a fit with what we’re putting together.

Looking for more info? Here’s a description on our website with more info.

Tough times mean we need to band together; I’d love to see you getting stronger with us!

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