More perspectives on overcoming adversity

For some business owners, the excitement and passion they have for their business can get stomped out by the administrivia, the grind, and the thankless leadership tasks.

Over time, the vision they had for the business they set out to build starts to fade, and they start dreaming about a different business. For some, the idea of getting a job seems attractive!

On Tuesday, I gave you my thoughts about keeping the love alive in your business, but I also asked my LinkedIn followers what advice they’d give. Here’s their best advice.

Focus on the goal

Marti Konstant suggested asking yourself, “What do you want to be doing?” Lay out your ideal week, think about the parts of your job that fire you up, then do that!

But what about all the stuff that I don’t want to do?

Get Help

Kimberly Pinkerton addressed that question directly, “How could it make you money, in the long run, to hire someone to do what you don’t want to do?”

Parissa Behnia agreed, “Stop setting fire to your money and time by doing stuff that you hate (and that you’re likely bad at, too). Figure out the best use of your time and talent and delegate where possible.”

Grow your way out

Of course, cash flow can be the issue there, and several people suggested letting some things go so you can focus on growth.

Alexander Kemmler’s advice fits here: “If you don’t have time to do the stuff you want, sell harder until you can hire people to do the stuff you don’t want to do.” Frank Saragossi went on to add, “Prioritize activities that lead to connecting with potential clients. Outsource the rest.”

Get some perspective

Finally, there was a lot of support for the idea that you’re on a journey and not every part of it is going to feel great. If you want to keep going, to reach the business of your dreams, it means you don’t quit.

Nina Froriep reminds you, “It gets better!” While Lori Highby recalls that “this is a journey, appreciate all the lessons you’ve learned. Find a support system and guidance to help you achieve your goals.”

Juliana Marulanda has some advice to help you keep going, “Getting up every morning can be super difficult, but you’ve got to have a purpose that is waking you up every day.” While Ron Kraft reminds us, “there is more than one honeymoon. Stick it out to ride the ups and downs – it can be fun, and you’ll learn so much more than you thought you could! “

Take action

Now that you’ve heard all this feedback, what are you going to do?

“Making the next decision. Decisions give us forward momentum. It may even be the decision to take a nap and waking REFRESHED! Keep moving forward,” says Regina Carey

Why all this advice from other people?

Because this is the power of working with a group!

Tuesday’s email gave you my perspective, and I hope it was helpful. But today’s email offered rich advice from so many perspectives; I’m guessing it’s much more likely that you found something that you can use here.

If you want that experience of getting a wide range of perspectives – some of which you’d never think of alone or with your close confidants. Plus, the feeling of talking with others who have been there and can empathize with your situation, you want to join a Mastermind Group.

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