One thing that the top 2% do (that I bet you aren’t doing)

First, take a minute to imagine a future where your dreams have come true. 

  • Imagine that your team is regularly generating new work for your firm. Not just any work, but good, referencable work, that’s making a huge difference. 
  • As a result, your company has grown! How big? You decide. Is it 10, 20, 50, 100 employees? 
  • As a result, your income has grown too. What kind of money are you aspiring to make?

Really get a picture in your mind of what that company looks like. Where are your offices? What’s your team?

Got it? Now…

What’s your job in that company? Are you meeting with clients? Primarily selling? What time are you spending leading your team, planning for the future, outside your business gathering intelligence? What else are you up to?

What’s keeping you from doing that job now?

When I look at the folks who’s businesses have blown past $1M in sales and are climbing steadily higher, one thing that I see over and over is that they gave up “doing the thing” early. They stopped being the “answer man” for their teams, they passed work down to others. 

What do you need to stop doing today, to make room for the job you aspire to?

If there are all kinds of voices in your head saying, “Stop! Don’t do it. It’s a trap…” Let’s get on the phone. I want to hear those voices. Then I want to help you get beyond them. Hit reply and we’ll get that call on the calendar.

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