The inestimable value of time off

“Each person deserves a day in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from cares which will not withdraw from us” – Maya Angelou

Every month I take one day off.

Not a weekend day – a workday.

On that day I don’t do anything. I turn off my phone, and I shut down my computer. I actually go away and sleep in a monastery. (It’s very quiet there.)

On that day, I can do anything I want, EXCEPT anything that I feel like I ought to do. No obligations, no “shoulds” or “have to’s.”

Every time I get checked in and it’s time for me to turn my phone off, it feels like a little death. But 24 hours later, when it’s time to turn it back on – I dread it.

It’s a chance to truly rest.

How do you take time off? Time off from your business, your chores, your family and friends. Time OFF?

Happy Independence Day (for those of us in the US). I hope you find some time off. (You won’t hear from me this weekend

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