Welcoming Adversity

The first project I ever led was a debacle.

The design didn’t work; the product shipped late with huge cost overruns. Then it failed in the market – no one wanted to buy it.

I got my first chance to lead a company just as my marriage was falling apart. I quit the job I felt like I was made for after just 14 months.

I had to borrow money from my mom to start my consulting firm. Four years in, I was just making ends meet and hadn’t paid her back any of what I borrowed.

I could go on and tell you stories about mistakes I made, people I offended, investments gone wrong; you name a catastrophic mistake, I’ve made it.

And I can confidently say that without those failures, I wouldn’t be who I am today, doing what I do now.

I’ll bet you can look back at your life and say the same.

So what are the obstacles, headwinds, failures, or crises that you’re currently fearing and trying hard to avoid or cover up that you will one day see as the building block to your future success?

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