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This call might just double my business!

I’ve been having a great time getting on the phone with some of you this last week. I heard about moving houses and offices (and the upheaval that brings). I heard about hiring and firing teams, about businesses that had tough years, and businesses that are on fire and are having their best year ever. But one conversation stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you all. One reader told me about how he had simplified his business so that he was selling just 3 things, and how that had catapulted his sales in the last year. As we went through his 3 offers, there was one that we honed in on. It was his “entry-level” offer, the one he made the least profit on, but was the “gateway drug” for his other more profitable (and impactful) offers. He explained that this one offer is the thing that most new clients are looking for. It’s the thing that they “think” they need when they call. So he sells it to them and then in the next sale up-sells them on more of his team’s higher-end capabilities.

“So, in that initial conversation, do you tell them about the higher-level things that you can do for them?” I asked.

“No, I usually just offer them that one thing. That’s what they are looking for, and our price is already stretching the high end of their budget range. So we do that, and then educate them later…”

“What if,” I asked, “you presented all three options to them every time, even if it’s outside their budget range. It gives you the opportunity to explain the impact that those higher-end services could have. You have people who buy those higher-end services and receive returns of many times the price you charge, right?”

“Oh, yeah! Clients get a ton of value from those services.”

“So is it likely that these first-time clients would see that value too? Might they find the budget if they saw the value?”

And right there we had an insight that had the power to nearly double his revenue, just by making a little change in the way he presents those entry-level proposals. Now there’s still a lot more to be done to realize that value, he’s got to try it out, likely tweak his presentation…but something he wasn’t even considering became obvious in one call. If you want those kind of insights, new ways of looking at your business that could produce huge opportunities for growth, hit reply on this email and let me know and I’ll schedule a call for you. I’m only making this offer to those who are active and engaged in this email conversation with me, and only through Labor Day.  What do you have to lose? Hit reply and schedule your call. (I promise I won’t try to sell you anything! No bait and switch.)

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