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When growth starts to create problems in your team.

I got on the phone with a client this week; this is what I heard…

“We’re busier than we’ve ever been, we’re booking more projects, bigger projects, and more of them with our ideal clients, that’s the good news!”

“The bad news is all that new business has really impacted our culture! We’ve canceled most of our team building and training. We’re just too busy! Everyone is nose to the grindstone all the time.

“I think our team is starting to feel like they are just machines and we’re running them too close to the limit!”

For the last year, clients who had a solid value proposition and were targeting a receptive market pre-pandemic have been reaping the rewards of lots of new business.

That tsunami of new business, coupled with post-pandemic hiring challenges, has meant we are asking more and more from our team.

At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was grateful to have a secure job, and WFH freedom made it possible to put in more hours without an immediate impact on lifestyle and health.

But folks are getting tired, and a little restless. With the “great resignation” blowing through bigger organizations, leaders are getting worried. 

What your team needs now.

When demand is strong, it’s an excellent time to be more choosy and qualify harder for clients who will get the most value from their work with you. Those clients are going to be more rewarding for your team and will likely accept higher prices too.

The higher prices can give you some margin to increase compensation for the team and invest in their development.

When you get more choosy and more expensive, you can lighten the load that the team is carrying and invest in your people – just what is needed to prevent the great resignation from sweeping through your firm.

What are you doing to show your overworked team some love and attention? Hit reply and let me know. (I’ll share some of the best ideas I get back!)

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