Why do you do it?

You work hard, harder than you did when you worked for someone else.

You are forced to learn about things, like employment law, or payroll taxes, that you don’t care to learn about.

Over and over again you find yourself on the edge, a place where you learn a ton, and that also keeps you up at night.

You carry a weight that only someone who leads a firm like yours can understand.


I don’t think it’s about the money – there are easier ways for you to earn money.

If it’s about freedom, well, I think there are choices you could make that would give you more freedom.

Is it about prestige, about what other people think of you? I doubt it.

What is it?

Hit reply; I’d love to know your honest answer!

P.S. This was inspired by a question that Carl Richards asked on his excellent podcast, Behavior Gap Radio.

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