The help you need to STAY uncomfortable.

So I’ve made some good progress toward my big goals for the year, and I’ve gotten some good help to make those goals happen. Is that all I need to do? Now I’m walking down easy street? Well, not for me!

You see, things are going pretty well, and making all that change is uncomfortable. Since things are going great, I can just back off a bit, right? I don’t have to be in that uncomfortable place all the time, do I?

That’s the problem with success, it makes you soft!

If we want our businesses to keep growing – if we have big changes we want to make, we have to stay uncomfortable.

It is the only when we’re pushed past what we believe to be our limit that we take risks. It is when you make meaningful sales calls, where you don’t discount your services. It is from this place that you say no to the work you don’t want to do to make room for the work you want to do.

I know its true for me. But I also know, my brain and body will do everything it can (it is quite convincing) to keep me safe so I don’t feel uncomfortable with changes I KNOW need and WANT to make.

So I need someone from the outside who will push me, who will challenge my excuses, and help me be strong while in that uncomfortable place.

I need a boss.

We all need a boss.

  • Someone who gets excited when things are going well, and yes, who is disappointed when they aren’t going so well.
  • Someone you don’t want to disappoint, so you’ll work late, get up early and make one more call…
  • Someone you’ll listen to (which means they are likely costing you real money).

So here’s my question, and YOUR homework to keep you moving forward.

Write back and let me know, What do you want to achieve right now for your business and who is your boss(es) making sure you get there? (Seriously, write this down and send it to me. That simple act of telling someone from the outside will keep you accountable to yourself and make it REAL. )

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