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Is your business development plan more smoke than fire?

On Saturday, I told you the story about going to 27 new business meetings in a row without closing a single client.

That was a painful process, it was a lot of rejection, and the reason those appointments didn’t close was primarily that I wasn’t executing well. It sucked.

But during that same time, other folks who went through the same business development training that I did, didn’t have 27 meetings. They had 3, or 5, or even 10. Some closed one or two clients – some closed none.

None of them ended up having a successful business.

They felt like they were committing themselves to “doing the work.” If you had asked them, they would have told you that they were doing everything they could to get new clients. The worst part is that they believed it!

How are you going to talk to 30 prospects in the next 90 days?

If you see your industry starting to thaw, now is the time to win new business! What’s your plan to get more than your fair share?

In my experience, new business comes from focused action.

You look at the landscape, identify one or two (no more than two) simple actions to take, and you do them every day.

What’s your plan?

If you don’t have a plan like that, our Online Lead Generation Engagement course might be just what you are looking for. If you don’t believe me, take a look at what Danny said after completing the course:

I’ve learned the importance of doing outreach consistently and starting to develop a system to keep you on track as early as possible. I’ve also learned to be as “yourself” as much as possible and not be too scripted. (Brad is a great example of this.) I’ve made outreach a part of daily work life – trying to make it as normal as checking my email. ~ Danny

Let’s not sleep on making 2021 your best year ever! Check out the course and turn your smoldering embers of a business development plan into a roaring blaze! Click here to find out more!

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