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The future of work and “careers”

My father had what many would say was a very successful career.

He graduated from college with an Industrial Engineering degree and went to work in a management role in a factory. But he wanted more from life than that, so he entered a part-time MBA program that led to a job with (what was then) a “big seven” accounting firm doing consulting.

He became a partner at a young age and went on to open the Asia/Pacific office for that firm, running it for several years. He retired when he was young, in his late 50’s, expecting to spend years traveling, fishing, and playing with his grandkids.

Unfortunately, he passed away at 62.

Rethinking your career

As you can tell from our conversations earlier in the week, I’ve been on a bit of a philosophical journey about work and careers. Some of which is shaped by my father’s story.

The idea that you should “work” for the bulk of your adult life so that you can “retire” at the end of your life seems like it’s an idea that’s time has passed.

Instead of having fun at the end of my life, I’m integrating what I love with what I do all the time. Rather than hoping for a fairytale retirement, I’m finding fulfillment and enjoyment in every year of my life.

If that’s not something you are thinking about, it’s something your team members are thinking about! (Check out this article about the future of careers.)

I’d love to hear how you are creating an impactful career without sacrificing your life and the things you enjoy outside of work right now. How is that dance working for you?

Hit reply and let me know!

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