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The importance of daily actions for business development

Now I know I’m not usually in your inbox on a Wednesday! But yesterday, I talked about the importance of daily action and I had to come back today, so you knew that I was practicing what I preach!

You see, it’s a huge mistake to make business development this “thing” that you do. Like it’s something extra or extraordinary – outside your regular work. When it’s done every day, when it actually becomes ordinary, it’s way more likely to succeed!

You know that a binge diet isn’t going to suddenly make you healthy. We all tried cramming for the test the night before too, right? AND we know that the more sensible approach, the one that’s going to make you more likely to succeed, is one where you exercise and eat healthy every day. (Except Saturday, everyone deserves a cheat day!)

In our Online Lead Generation and Engagement course, we’re helping you build a process that you can do a little bit every day. Something you can build into your normal business process while still getting your work done.

What’s included?

The course includes 3 modules, each with 4–5 sections;

  • Module 1 teaches you the basics of finding your ideal clients online. (If you don’t have a clear idea of your ideal client, start with the Online Lead Generation Fundamentals Course.) Engaging with them so that they want to respond and creating more conversations with people who can hire you!
  • Module 2 teaches you how to make offers to help that your ideal client is eager to engage with. These offers make it possible for you to move from engagement into sales with a willing participant.
  • Module 3 helps you to get comfortable moving from online interaction into a phone call or video call so that you can start the discovery process and move toward closing more deals.

To ensure you are getting the best value from the course, I enlisted two other experts who each contributed content.

Paul Higgins Sits with us to help identify ideal prospects, build engagement scripts and content that converts.

Liston Witherill Is all over helping us get off the social platforms and into sales calls. He also has some tips for managing remote sales calls and closing the deal.

If you are ready to move to a more regular and consistent approach to business development, you owe it to yourself to check out this course.

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