This is your calendar on drugs…

Whenever I see someone’s calendar and it looks like a failing game of Tetris, it reminds me of that Anti-drug PSA from the ’80s. Because if I tried to manage that many meetings, changing topics and keeping track of everything, my brain would fry.

One of the first assignments I work on with clients is helping them build an ideal week. A weekly schedule that minimizes context switching provides time for follow-up, strategic thinking, and getting your work done.

Instead of trying to fit every request for your time into the next available spot, you take control of your calendar and decide ahead of time what you want to spend your time on. Then assign requests into the appropriate slots (which, for some requests, maybe never). You recover energy, focus, and creativity you didn’t know you had.

So, one last time, if that is your calendar today, this can be your calendar when we work together.

Any questions?

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