You’ve already done the hard part…

I know that running and growing your business is difficult. It can be a slog, like running in quicksand. You are working hard and not making the big bucks (yet). We’re on a journey to change that, but we need to take a minute to look at the map.

Looking Back

Now that we’ve bought ourselves some time, it’s worth it to take a quick look back to when you first started your business. Do you remember what that was like? Remember the fear and uncertainty? Remember how everything was new, and you had to learn everything for the first time?

What was it like to make your first sales call? To send your first proposal?

Do you remember the day you hired your first employee or contractor? What was that like?

99.9% of people who want to start a business never get as far as you are right now. There are tons of folks out there who want to start a business, who dream of starting a business, who plan to start a business, who even buy products and courses to help them start a business. But you’re one of the few that actually started a business! 

You found a problem, a “hole” in the market. You stuck your neck out and tried to fill that hole by working like crazy and making things up along the way. You’ve done all that!

You’ve done the hard part

So, now you need to make more money? That’s the easy part!

I’m not pulling your leg. You have momentum. You’ve gotten out of the starting gate. You’ve done the hardest part of all! You’ve done what 99.9% of your peers didn’t do.

I want us to pause here and realize this — no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) you feel, you’re much closer to success than you’ve ever been. You started, you learned some things, and now you are looking for help. That is a recipe for success.

But here’s the catch (there’s always a catch)

Now that you have a business, now that you’ve done all that hard work, things are different. Now you have something to lose.

When you started your business, you had nothing. Sure you risked some money, and maybe there was some risk to your reputation. But you tried a lot of crazy ideas because there was nothing to lose.

Success extracts its own tax! Even modest success can start to incite a fear that you could lose what you’ve built and you’d end up back working for “the man”! When we have this fear (often subconsciously) change becomes more difficult. We resist change because there’s more perceived risk involved (and business owners hate risk)!

So to move from where you are to where you want to go means channeling that person you were in the beginning. The person who was willing to try some crazy stuff to see what worked.

In our next installment, we’re going to take some of those risks.

Today, go back to the reasons you want to make more money. Are they bigger than your fears of change and loss? Look at the fears you wrote down and the reframing that you did. It’s time to do some things differently!

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