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Why *should* I bring my team back into the office?

With cities starting to re-open after the COVID pause business owners are asking the question, should I re-open my office? If you are thinking about re-opening your office, you’d better have a good reason! Your company has spent the last two months working at home, and there’s a number of them who are liking it….


Do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?

“Sure, Brad, this mastermind thing sounds great. But I can just get 4 business owner friends together and make my own Mastermind…” Six months ago I was talking to a business owner about how much she needed to make changes in her business. She realized that time was running out. Her lead generation efforts were…


Keeping your focus on the road to breakthrough results.

One of the questions I ask clients when we’re talking about making plans for important initiatives in their business is: If this initiative fails, who gets yelled at? Who loses their job if you don’t make progress on this? It might be a negative way to think about it. But I’ve found that if there…