What is your NEXT challenge (Reading time 1 min 30 sec)

Let’s just say you are the world’s best baker — you are at the top of your class technically. Sure there are more things to learn, but what’s your next challenge? What’s the hill you want to climb? There was one other thing that struck me as I listened to the  fantastic podcast  I wrote on…

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5 words that will move your team members to deliver better work

You took the time to clearly lay out the assignment. You confirmed with your team member the process they would use to accomplish it. They agreed that the time frame was good and that they had the skills and tools they needed to get it done. But when they deliver it to you, you are…

5 books every account manager must read
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5 books every account manager must read

When you are in the client services business, whether it’s a professional service firm (lawyer, accountant, consultant) or a creative services firm (marketing, advertising, PR, web design. etc.), you make your money by serving clients. You need to diagnose a client’s needs, educate and advise them so that they agree with your diagnosis, then engineer a…